Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Funny Girl

Anna is really cracking us up lately.  Sometimes Jimmy and I just stare at each other across the dinner table or room, shake our heads, and mouth, "What?!?!"  Today one of her teachers even commented that Anna has one of the most vivid imaginations she's ever seen.


The other night at bedtime, Anna says to me, "Mom, if I ate the sun, my lips would be soooo hot ... so I would just eat fluffy clouds ... and I would share them with my squirrel friends."

Another night:  "Mommy, you're the best mom I ever did pick out ... actually, you're the ONLY mom I ever did pick out."

And another:  "[random singing] ... and then the banister fell down the stairs ... Mommy, isn't that soooo funny?!?!"

And finally: "[big gasp!] ... Mommy, I need to get shiny gold necklaces for all my superhero friends ... Green Lantern ... Flash ... not the red Flash, just yellow Flash, well, maybe both Flashes ..."

Here are some fun pictures from the last few weeks:

Reading some Oswald Chambers in bed:

At an amazing splash park by our place:

I love this picture of her smile while Jimmy's holding her!

Making silly faces for the camera:

Anna said, "I'm roaring like a lion!"

Our little bookworm ... I can just picture this scene with chapter books in a few years!

This is Anna and her ladybug, "Tefia," at Wegerzyn Garden Park in Dayton.

Walking on the tree path at the park ... in her first outfit of the day, pre-waterpark.  We rarely take a walk these days without Anna having sticks in hand ... they make great wands, walking sticks, spoons, and violins!

Running through a really amazing branch house ... Anna kept saying it was a whale's belly and she was running around inside trying to get out!

This video shows Anna talking to her ladybug friend.  She says, "Tefia, you want to come to the museum and watch me turn into a meerkat?  Yeah?  Okay."  She really wanted to go to the museum that day (because there are meerkats there that she totally loves) and was trying to get Tefia on board.

Rare family picture ... still at the park ... we'll definitely return!  We are enjoying our funny girl and looking forward to summer!

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